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Lesie grew up in Greece. Among other cities, he lived in Rhodes and Athens. The last years he settled down in Germany, first in Berlin and now in Munich. He drew and painted since a child. He started using cans on walls with twelve years of age and never stopped ever since. The medium of the wall, as well as the direct connection to the public, are still fascinating him so much.

​Lesie is a mural artist and illustrator, working also parallel as an interior architect and exhibition designer. This package of properties describes his passion for designing two and three-dimensional space.

​In recent years, he has painted mainly using black and white colours. On the one hand, he is concentrating optically on the power of the shapes, offering his works a strong graphic character. On the other hand, he creates a visual world in search of meanings in aesthetics.

​In his art he draws stories that connect local and other cultures of the world, but also animal or fantasy figures, giving his art a surreal touch.

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